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Electric Garage Doors

Gone are the days of manual-use garage doors, as everyone is buying up electric garage doors. The ease of access makes the garage a lot more usable, nothing is worse than trying to open it in the rain.

Alexandra Garage Doors can convert lots of types of existing garage doors you may have to a fully electric door! Above all, an Alexandra Garage Doors Electrical Garage Door Specialist adds not just convenience but style to your home’s exterior.


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The biggest advantages of an electrical garage door will be their versatility, fitting into any garage seamlessly. Older Garage Doors are known for being bulky and thus newer models are a slim-lined with easier functionality.

We use top electrical garage door suppliers so our customers get the best possible Electrical Garage doors. This is due to them using the best technology and ultimate quality. So, it gives us the confidence of a “Fit & Forget” garage doors installation.

In addition, we offer a 2 year Manufacture Warranty along with a 5 year Motor Warranty. Thus applying to all the electrical garage doors our electrical garage door suppliers install.


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We specialise in different Electric Garage Door ranges so look no further than Alexandra Garage Doors!

Our Electric Garage door Services

Alexandra Garage Doors certainly offer the most established garage door manufacturers! Therefore, we can happily install any electric door of your choice to make your perfect garage overall.

We will conduct a site survey, allowing us to suggest the best options of new electrical garage doors for you and your property.


Different Garage Doors for Different Needs

Our product knowledge of electrical garages is endless! Also, there are useful features with our electrical garage doors that we fit like the manual override. In short, this is a useful feature used in the event of a mains power supply failure.

When we carry out electric door installations there is no need to consult an electrician. Thus we will require is a simple plug socket in your garage!

Please Contact Us if you have any queries about our services. We are happy to come out and give a free, no obligation quote. We specialise in all Electric Garage Doors so look no further than Alexandra Garage Doors!

When it comes to repairing Electric Garage Doors we take great pride in our swift response time, then if we don’t repair, we don’t charge!

Also, unlike some larger companies, Alexandra Garage Doors are happy to repair your existing electric garage door rather than going down the expensive route and replace it with a new one.

Alexandra Garage Doors can update your existing Garage Doors to new modern looking Electric Doors! This will give lots of benefits to your garage use, such as ease of access, aesthetics and more.

Additionally, we plan and design your garage door from start to finish. We can upgrade all doors & mechanics as required, and we also convert your existing garage door to a fully electric garage door system.

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