Hormann Garage Doors Manufacturer

Hormann garage doors is a German manufacturer that has a selection of great styles to choose from. The options being: Sectional, Up-and-Over, Roller, Side Sliding Sectional, Aluminium frame door and hinged. All designed to enable space-saving compared to other door manufacturers. A superb selection of garage doors, you can choose which works best for you and your home.

In addition to the range, Hormann is known for its exceptional quality which makes them one of the top door manufacturers in the world. Hormann quality checks their products through endurance tests, so they know their products can withstand real conditions.

Industry Leaders

Hörmann Garage Doors have been a trusted brand in the garage door industry since the 1950s. With over 70 years of experience, Hörmann Garage Door Company continues to offer industrial doors ahead of trends. Above all, these garage doors are known for their space-saving design to maximise the space in your garage.

It would be a major hindrance if the design affected the appearance, however this isn’t the case. There is a certain elegance and charm to Hörmann Garage Doors, as a result being popular with home owners.

As a result of these carefully manufactured doors, Alexandra Garage Doors are Hörmann Garage Door Suppliers. Our installation team ready to slot this door system perfectly into your domestic garage. So, choose the ideal garage security system by investing in these garage doors.

Industrial Door Specialists

Design is the priority in every sense with Hörmann industrial doors. With a streamlined design and smooth surface, these doors excel in the durability department. Whilst yes being made up of layers, cut out the fat and prioritise security as an overall system.

Although this may sound like a downside for durability, it is actually quite the opposite. A lighter door will be less likely to wear your system down, thus will last longer. In addition to the fact that they are also weatherproof, meaning that a rainstorm isn’t going to destroy your garage.

Our Hörmann Garage Door Installations are both reasonably priced and will be efficient for you. Gone are the days waiting around for the construction team, choose a time convenient for you.

We install & repair Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann Garage Industrial Doors

Alexandra Garage Doors can fit a Hormann door into your existing garage with no problems. We have been working with Hormann products for years giving us the experience we need to offer a faultless service!

An Alexandra Garage Door Hörmann Garage Door Specialist will be able to repair your doors too. That means if there is any damage or faults, we can quickly fix the problem for nationwide customers. To get in touch now, simply click here for further information.

We plan, install & repair Hormann Doors across the whole of Greater Manchester… So, if you live in Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Blackburn, Burnley or Rossendale and want to deal with a Hormann garage and industrial door specialist contact us today!