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Roller Garage Door
Roller Garage Doors

Alexandra Garage Doors can fit a roller garage door of your choice into your existing garage! Giving you all the benefits of a new modern roller garage door installation. For instance, a roller door is easy, reliable and safe use to use. plus, your new garage door can be delivered straight to you with no hassle, along with any mechanisms that comes with a 5 year warranty. Thus, allowing you peace of mind  to know your roller garage will be fully coveredl for 5 years parts & labour.

Our roller garage door suppliers use the latest technology in their doors. So, the production standard is of the highest in the industry, giving us the confidence to offer a “Fit & Forget” reliable installation service. And, our services include a minimum of 2 year Manufactures Warranty on the actual roller garage doors.

Choose us to fit your new Roller Doors to existing Garage!

Because many modern roller doors are electric nowadays, they come with a great safety feature. For instance, there is an override that can be done to manually open the door in the case of a power supply failure.

Our director, John directly worked for the manufactures for over 10 years, allowing his product knowledge to be endless!  Alexandra Garage Door fitters can fully carry out all installations of roller garage doors flawlessly. So, there is no need to consult an electrician to power the door, as we can conect to a plug socket in your garage.

Please Contact Us if you have any queries about our services. We are happy to come out and give a free, no obligation quote. Choose us for your amazing new Roller Garage Doors!

Our Roller Garage door Services

We only provide our customers with Roller Garage doors from the leading garage door manufacturers!

So, we are happy to install all types of Roller garage doors, that our customers choose. Once we evaluate your current garage our fitters will give our recommendations on the best options of new roller garage doors for you.

Our staff take lots of pride in our speedy response times to your property, especially if your current roller garage door is broken in any way!

Also, if we do not end up repairing your garage, we do not charge! Plus, unlike some businesses, we will repair your existing roller garage door rather than replace it with a new one, saving you time and money.

Looking to upgrade to brand new Roller garage doors? Alexandra Garage Doors can help plan and design your garage from the initial thoughts to the end product.

We can upgrade your roller garage door and fit new motor systems to convert your existing garage door to a roller door with remote control operation!

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