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Garage Door Repairs

All Garage Doors Repaired, No Job too Small

Garage Door Broken Repairs
GarAge Door Repairs

Need garage door repairs? Alexandra Garage Doors specialise in the repair of your broken or ill fitting garage door, with our experience we carry on board our vehicle the most common replacement parts for doors up to 25yrs old. This means in most cases we are able to repair your door when we arrive whether it be replacement cables, wheels, rollers, springs or a simple lock change.

Garage Door Repairs

When it comes to a Garage Door breaking down there won’t be just one obvious solution to cover every problem. This will apply to different types of garage and how exactly it’s been installed. So, this makes it even more important to get Garage Door Repairs done professionally by a garage door repair company.

Alexandra Garage Doors have been garage door specialists for many years now, with many years of industry experience.  For anything from installations to garage door & opener repair services, Alexandra Garage Doors cover all of this in Lancashire.

If you have been searching around for garage door repair companies, then you have found the ideal candidates. At every step of the project our team will be able to give you the best advice for your project. Thus, meaning that you get the best long-term solution for your home.

How Different Garage Door Repairs will be carried out

Each Door is different and each repair will futureproof your garage so it doesn’t occur again. Your conventional side hinged doors repair will focus on wear mostly with materials wearing over time. We carry out this side hinged garage doors repair by replacing the material yet maintaining the same design.

However, Up and Over Garage Door Repairs are a completely different story due to a different design. Whilst yes these can be manual, most modern designs function using motors which if mishandled will begin to deteriorate. The problem will most likely will be the motor box or the drive type, which can become faulty with time.

Insulated Garage Doors are certainly not a D.I.Y job, as it is absolutely essential to get the most out of the material. Even as small as insulated garage door dent repair, we can repair the door panel to leave it looking flawless. In short, Alexandra Garage Doors’ garage door repairs service will leave your doors as good as new.


We are happy to install all types of new garage doors, including Up & Over DoorsInsulated Sectional Doors and also Insulated Roller Doors and Conventional Side Hinged Doors.

If your considering a garage door upgrade then let us carry out a site survey. We will then suggest the best options of new garage doors or upgrades available to your existing garage door system.

Always wanted remote control operated garage door.  We can install to existing Up & Over DoorsInsulated Sectional Doors. Plus, Insulated Roller Doors and Conventional Side Hinged Doors.

Our commitment to Garage Door Repairs

Our promise is “if we don’t repair, we dont charge”. Unlike most larger companies, we are more than happy to repair your existing garage door rather than replace it with a new door.

Additionally, we take great pride in responding to your needs as quickly as possible with a No Call Out Charge and good honest advice before we start your repair.

Please Contact Us if you have any queries about our services. We are happy to come out and give a free, no obligation quote.

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