SWS UK Garage Door Manufacturers

SWS UK is one of the leading garage door manufacturers in the UK. So, if you are looking for a garage door or shutters to be fitted look no further. SWS has a range of garage doors to choose from such as different types of Roller doors, Sectional, Vertico, and Security. All the garage doors made by SWS are very modern looking and have been proven to be of high quality. Also, the doors come in all different sizes and colours allowing any home to choose SWS for their garage.

For a bold British Garage Door System, SWS Garage Doors are the industrial door manufacturers for you.  SWS UK Garage Doors are a premium door system which can only ensure security and protection from intruders. And this is all thanks to their expert research team who research trends and unique techniques for the best results.

Alexandra Garage Doors are of course SWS Garage Door Suppliers and aim to replace the old with the new. Your old decaying garage door can be swiftly removed and replaced with a SWS door instead. Get the best of both worlds with a reliable handyman team and an established SWS Garage Door Company.


SWS Garage Door Manufacturer

SWS are best known for their excellent SWS Sectional Garage Doors range.  This solution is ideal for any driveway, made for small yet optimised for statement driveways. With these systems, you have full control of how much you want to open the garage.

As Sectional Garage Door Manufacturers, SWS put the market research into customers’ needs and wants. From this they have found the perfect compromise with a clean appearance yet classy blend with colours. Their range of darker greys is most certainly their most recognisable garage door model.

It gets even better, as you are welcome to choose any colour and finish you would like. This way it will slot perfectly into your domestic exterior or may be the cherry on top it needs!


What Alexandra Garage Doors can do for you?

Alexandra Garage Doors are a SWS Garage Door Specialist, let alone a supplier!

We carry out SWS Garage Door Installations for a much more reasonable price than competitors. Along with a much more careful installation to make sure it’s there for the long haul!

Additionally, we are also offer a SWS Garage Door Repair Service in the case of breakdowns. This can be anything from dents to a dysfunctional system, just get in touch!

SWS UK Garage Doors

SWS UK Garage Door ManufacturersAlexandra Garage Doors have lots of experience in fitting all kinds of SWS UK products, like shutters and garage doors. Therefore, if you are interested in SWS doors then choose Alexandra Garage Doors to make your garage interests a reality.


We plan, install & repair SWS UK Garage Doors across the whole of Greater Manchester… So, if you live in Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Blackburn, Burnley or Rossendale. It’s good to know our SWS UK garage doors specialist will provide prompt & personal service to you!